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Kazmierczak Management Group is a Digital Venture Development  consultancy that helps companies of all sizes master the challenge of generating opportunities and creating value through strategic innovation.

What we do

The essence of our work is the effective management of change. We help entrepreneurs and executives challenge their organizations to re-imagine and re-invent the way they do business; to discover and seize opportunities that will have significant impact on performance and value.   

What we think

Agile strategy and practices build winning cultures comprised of evangelical teams who create value.

Change is the only constant...embrace it or lose. 

Innovation is the agent that advances strategic initiatives. 

Digital drives growth....social, local, mobile.

On Impact Investing

Shareholder and total stakeholder value accelerates when companies harness their assets to drive positive social outcomes. We suggest visiting:     GIIN         Aspen Institute         Impact Alpha          Sonen Capital

On Leadership

In 1941 Churchill failed to see how vulnerable Singapore was to attack from a Japanese land invasion. He took the “worst disaster” in British history personally and vowed to learn from it. He promised his leadership would be shaped by four questions: “What don’t I know? Why am I not being told? Why don’t I ask? Why don’t I tell what I know?”   

These four simple questions epitomize a leadership stance that is mindful of ignorance as well as of knowledge. They bring awareness to the fact that what you don’t know— and when you realize what you don’t know — often hurts you. They also bring the realization that leadership depends on when as much as on what.


We are entrepreneurial executives who know the forces that determine success. We understand key value drivers most relevant to business life-cycles. 

Inter-disciplinary experts in strategy, finance, M&A, marketing & sales, brand management, IT, and logistics, we employ Agile, a process-driven, balanced qualitative and intensely quantitative approach for rapid creation and capture of opportunity-sets.

Proven in creating oustanding stakeholder value, we face and solve issues from strategic to functional-specific at corporations ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up.

Digital drives growth. Clients leverage our expertise in information and communication technology (ICT) to effectively compete in the digital world.

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We are highly selective. Clients we work work share our passion and values. In core engagements we become part of the executive team's DNA. 

As primary stakeholders we fully immerse ourselves and work side by side with the team to attack and solve the business challenges at hand, uncover key issues, and capture opportunities.

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