We grow shareholder value by Making an Impact.

First, Check Premises

  • What don’t I know? 
  • Why am I not being told? 
  • Why don’t I ask? 
  • Why don’t I tell what I know?
  • These four simple questions epitomize a leadership stance that is mindful of ignorance as well as of knowledge. They bring awareness to the fact that what you don’t know often hurts you.

Next, Define Purpose

  • Impact investing is rapidly approaching equal footing with other investment approaches. 
  • We believe  shareholder value accelerates when companies harness their assets to drive positive social outcomes.

GIIN     Aspen Institute     Impact Alpha     Sonen

Then Commit

  • KMG provides services at no-cost to Qualifying 501(c) and B Corporations who aspire to meet the needs of underserved populations, advance social causes, and create environmental legacies. 
  • We are proud supporters of organizations who empower coaches, families, friends, and world youth through the “Power of Sport”.